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36Pcs Transducer Watch Ultrasonic Washer Machine 1800W SUS Materials

36Pcs Transducer Watch Ultrasonic Washer Machine 1800W SUS Materials

    • 36Pcs Transducer Watch Ultrasonic Washer Machine 1800W SUS Materials
    • 36Pcs Transducer Watch Ultrasonic Washer Machine 1800W SUS Materials
    • 36Pcs Transducer Watch Ultrasonic Washer Machine 1800W SUS Materials
    • 36Pcs Transducer Watch Ultrasonic Washer Machine 1800W SUS Materials
    • 36Pcs Transducer Watch Ultrasonic Washer Machine 1800W SUS Materials
  • 36Pcs Transducer Watch Ultrasonic Washer Machine 1800W SUS Materials

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Shenzhen Made In China
    Brand Name: CONNIE
    Certification: CE
    Model Number: CN-1036

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1PCS
    Price: Negotiation
    Packaging Details: Standard Exported Plywood Case
    Delivery Time: 30 Working Days after receipt the payment
    Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 500PCS per Year
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    Detailed Product Description
    MODEL: CN-1036 OUTPUT POWER: 1800W
    Method Of Vibrating: Direct Mode CLEANING TEMPERATURE: 30-110ADJUSTABLE


    36Pcs Transducer Watch Ultrasonic Washer Machine 1800W SUS Materials​



    Machine’s Model:CN-1036


    Ⅰ. Mainly introduction of ultrasonic cleaning machine

    After long time printing, Mesh blockage is likely to result in ink, paint, glue and other dirt coating, in this case, if the mesh cannot be cleaned thoroughly, the printing effect will be effected, printing cannot work normally, anilox roller ultrasonic cleaning machine can do perfect cleaning by ultrasonic cavitation, which can cause jetting force from tiny bubbles in exploding, the contamination will be removed totally, after several minutes cleaning, the anilox roller can come back to its origin, the ultrasonic intensity is visible under controlling, the anilox roller can spin in sitting the tank top, which can avoid axis of anilox roller immersion during cleaning, the spinning force also can fall off the dirty easily in driving, KEEPLEADER design rubber roller at two sides to drive the anilox roller in spinning as couples, which is separately controlled, is easier in operation, maintenance.


    Ⅱ. The cleaning method of ultrasonic cleaning machine

    Coat the concentrated detergent on the surface of anilox roller according to the clogging degree

    After several hours, put the anilox roller into the ultrasonic cleaning tank

    At last, rinsing the anilox roller by cleaned water

    Or put the detergent into the cleaning tank directly, its ratio depends on the clogging degree,

    Ultrasonic have perfect cleaning effect, which can keep the anilox roller as clean as its new, KEEPLEADER can make to order, pls provide the diameter of your anilox roller and its anix. Also the max length of it to make a customized service


    Ⅲ. Features of roller ultrasonic cleaning machine

    Cleaning rollers, anilox, ceramic anilox, metal anilox in various industries tank made of 2MM thick 316L stainless steel, resistant to acid, alkali corrosion Motor rotation system to drive the anilox suitable for ceramic anilox / metal anilox with overflow protection and water drain system Tank and shell made of quality stainless steel Po Professional testing, quality assuranceBuild-in timer, temperature controller and counter down buzzer high quality components, clear circuit

    perfect to clean roller, anilox integrated design, easy maintenance Customized design and configuration are ok.


    Ⅳ.Specification of ultrasonic cleaning machine

    MODEL: CN-1036 FREQUENCY: 28/40KHz


    36Pcs Transducer Watch Ultrasonic Washer Machine 1800W SUS Materials



    36Pcs Transducer Watch Ultrasonic Washer Machine 1800W SUS Materials


    36Pcs Transducer Watch Ultrasonic Washer Machine 1800W SUS Materials


    Please contact CONNIE for more info and tech assistance

    CONNIE has designed and modified machine to accommodate our customers' unique

    and special requirements and advise us following

    1. Inner size of cleaning tank

    2. Cleaning parts and its contamination

    3. The configuration preferred


    Ⅴ. Buying Guide

    For customers demanding multiple stage ultrasonic cleaning and high efficiency parts drying, CONNIE multi-stage consoles provide the same efficient, effective ultrasonic cleaning technology plus the ability to move the items items through additional wash and rise stages,CONNIE will design a custom-sized and custom-featured ultrasonic cleaning machine to meet your specific needs


    1>. Choose your correct system

    1. Heated ultrasonic cleaning

    2. Heated ultrasonic cleaning + heated rinse

    3. Heated ultrasonic cleaning + heated ultrasonic rinsing

    4. Heated ultrasonic cleaning + heated ultrasonic rinsing + hot air drying

    5. Inner size of cleaning tank, frame construction, custom color, ultrasonic frequency


    2>. Choose your tank size

    1. The length*Width*depth you wanting

    2.  Advise CONNIE the size of your cleaning parts and cleaning efficiency


    3>. Each system includes:

    1. Full insulated stainless steel tanks

    2. Exterior power coat finish

    3. Digital temperature controls-each tank

    4. Digital timer-controlled ultrasonic cleaning

    5. Dual stage filtration-cleaning stage

    6. Single-stage filtration rinse stage

    7. Low-level float sensors-each stage


    4>.  Exceed industry standards

    1. All size available, including bench version

    2. High quality stainless steel construction

    3. For vapor degreasing, cleaning and drying applications

    4. Full solution control features


    Ⅵ. FQA

    What are ultrasonic waves of ultrasonic cleaning?

    Ultrasonic waves are sound waves transmitted above 20khz, or higher that the frequency detectable by humans, sounds waves are created by the vibration of an object, which causes the air molecules around it to vibrate, these vibrations cause our eardrums to vibrate, which the brains then interprets as sound when the original vibration is very fast, so the sound waves, and the pitch of the sound created is too high for the human ear to hear

    In the natural world, animals like dolphins and bats are use these ultrasonic waves to communicate, but humans have discovered practical application, the most commonly known is medical ultrasonography although in the last 30 years, some organizations have discovered highly effective, chemical-free cleaning applications and technology, ultrasonic cleaning machines work in a vey similar way to a loud speaker, except the ultrasonic waves travel at a much higher frequency and through water instead of air, a high-frequency electronic generator that creates ultrasonic waves is connected to a diaphragm, a flat or cone-shaped structure similar to the visible cone-shaped portion of a loudspeaker, that generator vibrates the diaphragm at a specific high frequency, usually between 25 and 170khz, inside a specially designed water tank, the ultrasonic waves created cause the water molecules to vibrate rapidly, creating alternating waves of compression and expansion within the water, during the expansion phase, or rarefaction cycle, the liquid is torn apart, creating cavitations bubbles, these bubbles are where ultrasonic cleaning technology is born


    How does ultrasonic cleaning machine work ?

    Cavitation bubbles are vacuum cavities as tiny as red blood cell, or about 8 thousands of a millimeter across, they are so small that it would take 1250 of them lined up in a row to reach 1cm long

    Under pressure of continuous vibration, these bubbles stretch and compress at a fast rate, once they reach a certain size, as determined by the frequency and stretch of the sound waves produces, the bubbles lose structural integrity and collapse violently, when these implosions happen near a surface, the bubbles emit high-powered steams of plasma that travel at more that 500 miles per hours and collide with, agitate and remove even very tiny particles and substances from that surface

    In an ultrasonic cleaning machine, this happens millions of times per second, but because cavitations bubbles are so small, the process is both highly effective and very gentle, ultrasonic technology can be clean metals, plastics, glass, rubber and ceramics, it effectively removes a wide variety of contaminants, even if present only in trace amounts, including dust, dirty, rust, oil, grease, soot, mold, carbon deposits, polishing compounds, was, pigments, lime scale, bacteria, algae, fungus, fingerprints and biological soil

    These contaminants typically are removed even if they are tightly adhered to or embedded onto solid surfaces, or if they are in remote cracks or tiny crevices of an object. For this reason, items usually do not need to be disassembled before being put safely in an ultrasonic cleaning unit


    Cleaning solution?

    As ultrasonic cleaning technology was developed, it was discovered that if surface tension is reduced, cavitations levels increase, cleaning solutions used with ultrasonic cleaning machines

    Contain ingredients specially designed to increase the effectiveness of the process. These are called surfactants and they lower the surface tension of water.

    General-use soap solutions: these solutions have a high alkaline content and are designed to remove a number of contaminants from metals, plastics and fabrics, depending on their formulation, soap-based metal cleaners will remove oil, grease, and carbon deposits, those formulated for use with plastic and fabric items won’t clean oil-based deposit from these materials


    Descaling detergents: are formulated to clean metals laden with corrosion, rust, hard mineral deposits or heat scale. They are designed to help restore parts that have been in service in hard water or high-humidity environments. These solutions are acidic in nature.

    Enzyme detergents: Enzymes are used to degrease stainless steel, aluminum, brass and titanium parts, and ca be more effective that general-use soaps when removing oil and grease, they are designed to clean heavily oiled surfaces when an oil-free environment is preferred or required, they also can be used effectively to remove biological contaminants from medical, surgical, dental, and optical tools, enzymes typically consume oil residue and digest it off as carbon dioxide


    How Ph cleaners: come in number of formulations and can be helpful in several ultrasonic cleaning application, and protect metals from the effects of chemicals, some of the stronger how pH cleaners many damage certain materials, specifically aluminum, copper, and brass, citric acid solutions are used to passivate stainless steel and titanium by removing the free iron molecules from the surface of the metal to help prevent future corrosion such as rust

    Specialty detergents: some solutions are formulated to clean specific contaminations like smoke, soot and certain odors, although these specialty detergents will work very effectively when used in certain application, they can be harmful or ineffective when used outside of their intended use

    Some solutions are formulated to clean specific contaminants like smoke, soot and certain odors. Although these specialty detergents will work very effectively when used in certain application, they can be harmful or ineffective when used outside of their intended use.


    What should consider on longevity?

    Some solutions have a longer lifespan that others, which helps decrease long-term cost, but all solutions have their pros and cons, for example, when removing oil and coolants, users must choose between using an emulsifier solution or separating detergent, and emulsifier holds oil in suspension with in fluid, so it does not last as long, once the solution is saturated with oil, it is no longer effective, a separator can remain effective for up to three months or longer, however, it cleans less effectively and, since oil rises to the surface of the tank, users risk recontaminations during item removal unless filtration systems-overflow weirs or surface spargers-are added to the unit.


    What should consider on solution disposal?

    Most ultrasonic cleaning baths are environmentally friendly and water-based, but depending on the solution used and contaminant removed, various methods of waste disposal may be required, most ultrasonic cleaning baths are 92 percent water and wastewater evaporators will reduce the amount of material required disposal by that amount, these solutions also often can be effectively neutralized or filtered until it can be released into the sewer system safely and legally

    Is heating should be considered in solution cleaning?

    Solution are often used in combination with heat, which effectively eliminate entrapped air in the water tank, for most applications, a temperature of 50 to 65 degree is effective, however, for some medical applications it is generally accepted that solutions should be used at temperature below 38 degree to prevent protein coagulation


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